~Wild Child~
hello! you are gumdramon? ^^

Heh, yep! The one and only! until some others came on that are supposed to be me in another world…what

And you’re Lunamon, right? Hehe how’s it goin’?

Gumdra-chan, why are you such a tsun?


HA! I’m not a tsun what are you talking about?

So, other me, want to hunt in DigiQuartz? :3

Pssh, o’course!


*random pounce hug* Hi gumdramon. =3 just wanted to know what's your fave kind of foods? ^_^

Oh, hey! >:D

I like all kinds of foods, sheesh it’s hard to decide ya know?

Can I keep you as a pet and dress you up all cute? Please? ; 3 ;

Can I give you a kiss of "Welcome back" Gumdramon? :) (I'm a girl)

gumdramon was CUTE

Heh, no one can resist me of course.


dammit anon

Yeah, it's weird to talk to yourself... BUT, is interesting to see many differences between me and him. I befriended my other-me! I see your partner and his other-me will be friends soon. (probably)

Yeah I guess..hmph! Hopefully things will turn out fine then with him…or should I say my other me.

((holy crap))

((FHDHSAFKHSAKF I apologize for the extremely long hiatus. Many of you were worried, and I didn’t even say I was going to take a break. e A e I apologize greatly for all of you that still hung in there even though I was gone. I’m very grateful. BUT BUT I’M BACK AND JOLLY AS EVER. There’s no way in hell I would abandon Gumdramon forever. SO YEP. I’M BACK. GOOD AS NEW. HOORAY CELEBRATION.

now let’s leave Gumdrabuttmon to catch up on all of his questions! :D))